Purple light vitelic relies on its own cloud architecture and whole stack technology characteristics of the definition of intelligence and tech-oriented synergy, software, and the depth of the fusion of xinhua three of Internet of things, cloud computing, big data and accumulation of network security technology, with extensive ecological partners, for transport, justice, education, and park customer delivery end, edge, cloud, net new security solution, achieve wisdom city security management and the construction of the fine management goals.

CloudEdge soution is based on NFV (function of network virtualization), SOA (application oriented architecture) and cloud architecture design of a new generation of mobile broadband solutions.

Provides CloudEPC (cloud evolution packet core network), CloudMSE (cloud business engine), CloudUIC (cloud unified intelligence center), can be collected the data flow of various access systems.

CloudEdge solution for application software is optimized and enhanced, with automatic deployment, elastic scalable cloud advantage, and satisfy the availability, performance and operational aspects of the telecommunication level requirement, and has the capability of the future evolution of 5 g network architecture.





Add:Anhui hefei high-tech industrial park

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